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The Bass of the Band The Tuba

The tuba is best known as a member of the brass family, though it is also known as a wind instrument and an aerophone. It is a rather new instrument as it only first appeared in the mid 1800s. It has the lowest pitch of all the brass instruments and like other brass instruments is played by blowing directly into the mouthpiece through closed lips. This creates the vibration needed to make the sound. What also makes this instrument unique is that there is a record with the exact date that the creators of the instrument granted a patent for it. Apparently, the instrument was first recognized as the tuba on the 12th of September in 1835.The tuba comes in a few different variations. Firstly, there are different tubas that have different pitches, including F, E-flat, CC and BB-flat. To create the different pitches, the size of the tuba also differs, with the F tuba being the smallest with a total of 12 feet of tubing and the BB-flat tuba being the largest with a total of 18 feet of tubing. The tubing of the tuba i...


Getting Used Clarinets For a Great Price

One of the more beautiful types of instruments to play is the clarinet. It is an instrument that sounds wonderful when played, and it has proven to be one of the more popular instruments in music.It may happen that your child becomes enchanted with the sound of the clarinet, and they choose to begin playing it. Don't think it can't happen, many musicians have made it their livelihoods to play the clarinet.It is a staple of jazz music as well, and many jazz musicians have expressed admiration of the instrument.When your child asks for a clarinet, you are going to need to find one and you can expect it will be expensive.This is because they are high end type of instrument, and that means you will be paying a lot for it. That then creates the worry that your child will not take to the clarinet and you will be left with a shiny paper weight that cost you a few hundred dollars. So, what can you do if this happens to you so that you do not end up out hundreds of dollars when your child stops playing?The best thing ...


The Little Heard Cousin of the Trumpet

The cornet is an instrument that is a member of the brass instrument family. Its appearance is close to that of the trumpet in its design. The tubing is wrapped in a clever way that will allow the musician to easily carry and play the instrument, and the tube's diameter increases in size until the end. It is a common mistake for people to believe that the cornet has originated from the medieval cornett, but in truth there is no relation. In fact, the cornet originated from the simple horn, just as the bugle was. The cornet really developed when the improvements on piston valves were made, which was in the early 1800s. Today, the cornet is a fairly popular instrument that is used in concert bands and brass bands more than it is used in marching bands and military, though it can sometimes be used in these too. Referring back to the valves of the cornet, they really were the largest part in bringing in the creation of the cornet. In fact, it was in adding these valves to the horn in the early 1800s that the actu...


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